3 tips: What is important when buying a mattress?

Anyone who builds something stronger probably knows the problem: You need a good pad to recover to sleep and wake up stronger. It is important that you have to be honest with yourself when it comes to clear overweight. Being overweight is unhealthy and has serious consequences for the body, especially for the heart, bones, and muscles.

However, we do not want to evaluate the reasons for too many kilos but ensure that all our customers sleep well – no matter what weight class. When choosing the mattress, it is therefore important to look at the real weight.

3 tips: What is important when buying a mattress?

Tip 1: Better pressure relief

Of course, the stability of the mattress for many people in the foreground. But we are looking for the solution for healthy sleep! A body with a strong overweight is exposed to significantly higher levels of stress during the day than an average type. Thus, the pressure relief is very high in the search for the right mattress for a heavyweight.

Tip 2: Note the quilt

Often a strong overweight is associated with a higher sweating tendency. Thus, the blanket is a very important factor in the search for a good night’s sleep.

Tip 3: Stable slatted base

Especially in overweight persons, the slatted frame must have higher stability. However, the adaptability must not suffer. Thus, the selection of the suspension is still flexible systems. Buy the right mattress for chronic pain.

Which type of mattress is useful for overweight?

Here’s the answer: pocket springs. This has three simple reasons:

  1. The pocket springs allow air to circulate, which ensures better removal of sweat.
  2. Pocket springs are more stable and durable than foam.
  3. Despite the enormous stability, adaptability is maintained. Every single spring responds perfectly to the high pressure from above and ensures ergonomically good lying.

Why is the slatted frame important? Is not a board enough?

NO! The more the mattress is compressed from above, the more important the slatted frame becomes. The suspension must accommodate and reflect the adjustment of the pocket springs. Due to the false slatted frame, obese people minimize the effect of the mattress.

A simple board would damage the ergonomic fit and damage the pocket springs. The pressure must be passed on to achieve adaptation.

Waterbed & cover:

A waterbed provides comfort and is also the most hygienic bed available.

An ordinary bed is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and dust mites. No wonder many people are allergic to their current bed. With a waterbed, you avoid dust mites and allergies. The water mattress is impermeable to dirt and dander and can be cleaned with a vinyl cleaner.

More luxurious covers also offer the option of attaching yet another anti-seizing foil to the top layer with a zipper, allowing dust and dirt to penetrate even less into the cover and mattress.

In addition, the special cover over the water mattress can be washed or cleaned regularly.

Care of the waterbed

A waterbed is by far the most hygienic bed you can get, provided you take good care of it. The care of a waterbed includes the following steps:

  • Add conditioner
  • Clean the water mattress with vinyl cleaner
  • Bleeding the water mattress
  • Clean the cover
  • Conditioner for waterbeds

The tap water is not of optimal quality everywhere. If this is not the case, algae growth can occur in your water mattress. To counter algae growth in your water mattress, it is important that you put a vial of waterbed conditioner into your water mattress every six months.

Clean your water mattress with vinyl cleaner:

It is also important to take good care of the outside of your water mattress. You do this by cleaning your water mattress regularly, that is every three months, with a vinyl cleaner. Do not forget to clean the sides (between mattress and cover).

Bleeding the water mattress

After installing your waterbed or adding waterbed conditioner, air bubbles usually form in your waterbed. This is because the gases dissolved in the water are released slowly. Does your waterbed make clapping noises? Then you have to vent your waterbed with a breather pump.Visit thebest-mattress.org.

Ventilate the cover

When sleeping, everyone sweats. The cover – a kind of thick and often zippered cover around the mattress – absorbs the transpiration moisture that our body produces. By daily airing your cover this evaporates again.

Take your blanket off your bed every morning for a few hours, or fold it back. The moisture then evaporates through the heat of the water bag. This is very important for a clean and fresh bed.

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain occurs mainly in the cervical spine, the neck muscles or intervertebral discs. But even for neck pain, no clear cause can be determined. They may be caused by incorrect work or sleeping, tension or overload. Your pillow also plays an important role here.

A tight position causes the neck vertebrae to assume an unnatural position, which can lead to uncomfortable neck pain. Persistent neck pain can cause the nervous system to be more sensitive to stimuli.

The most common neck complaints are:

  • Arthrosis.
  • RSI.
  • Nackenhernie.

What should I watch out for when I have neck pain while sleeping?

Waking up with neck pain and having pain while sleeping is never pleasant. Avoiding pain can never be guaranteed, but there are some important points that can be taken to reduce pain.

Make sure your mattress and pillow are providing proper support

In addition to the fact that a good mattress can reduce your discomfort, a good pillow should not be forgotten. When purchasing a pillow, make sure that your head is aligned with your spine. Therefore, always adjust your pillow to the mattress type and your sleeping position.

The best sleeping posture for neck pain

Neck pain can be caused by a wrong sleeping posture. A wrong sleeping position leads to neck and muscle tension and additional stress, which in turn causes neck pain. But what is the best sleeping posture for neck pain?

Your neck must be in the right position when sleeping. This position depends on whether you are abdominal, back or side sleepers.

Sleeping on the stomach leads to an unpleasant turn of the neck. Her neck is thus continuously tense. Just five minutes in this sleeping position can lead to discomfort. Whether with or without pillows, this is not the ideal sleeping position for neck pain.

When sleeping on the side, it is important that the mattress and pillows provide proper support. Make sure your body can maintain its natural curvature. A slightly softer mattress catches the contours and supports your body in the right way. Choose a pillow that is a bit fuller; Then your vertebrae form a straight line and your neck is in the correct position. Must see mattress comparison chart.

What other criteria are important when buying a mattress topper?

In order for you to find a topper that best suits your own needs, it is important that you consider various factors in your selection and purchase. Proper and high-quality processing of the materials is of course always required. Only in this way can increase the longevity of your new mattress topper be guaranteed.


The definition of the volume weight refers to the amount of raw material that has been used for the production of the mattress topper or the mattress. The higher the volume weight stated in RG, the higher the quality of the mattress. In addition, a maximized volume weight also ensures the longevity of the mattress. On the other hand, the heaviness of a mattress or a topper has nothing to do with the volumetric weight.

Compressive strength

The compressive strength gives specific information about how hard or how soft a mattress is. The material used for the core of the mattress plays just as much a role as the concrete core height. The volumetric weight, however, has nothing to do with the compression hardness and does not affect it.

Core height

The core height provides information about how high the core of a mattress or a mattress topper is. The higher the core, the firmer the mattress feels. With our Topper, you can normally decide for yourself how high the core should fail. This gives you the opportunity to get the maximum comfort.

Health features

All foams in the Topper must be 100% pollutant-free so that by your use no health impairments carry off. Therefore, our foams are of course always pollutant-free and have passed the test.

The advantages of the topper

If you decide to buy a new mattress or a new topper, it is important that you rely on a reliable and knowledgeable partner. Latest technologies and scientific findings form the basis for the development of our mattress pads. Of course, only the best materials are used. Your confidence and your sleeping comfort are the driving force behind our daily work.Find outwhat is the best bed to buy from our website.

Sign and Symptoms of a bad mattress

Good night sleep is very important for health. From adult to old every third person is suffering from lack of sleep. There are lots of conditions which affect sleep such as daily activities, excessive tiredness other medical conditions etc.. But with this mattress is also an issue.

Everyone knows that the approximate life span of a mattress is 7 to 8 years and this all depends on the manufacturer and type of the mattress. First of all, always choose such type of mattresses that don’t sag. It depends on person to person if the person is overweight than mattress will wear out faster. Mattresses were basically not manufactured to last 100 years; moreover imprudent usage of any product will make them old faster. The second sign and symptom of a bad mattress is the sagginess of the mattress. If you found any dent in your mattress in or in the appearance of the body of the mattress, this is the signal that you are using your mattress very roughly. Saggy mattresses are responsible for disturbing you while sleeping and can also become the reason for pain.

The age of your mattress doesn’t matters if it is not offering your body proper relaxation and arrangement, you will not get optimum sleep. Those who are sleeping on their back or on stomach sleepers, their spine’s natural bend should be obvious when you lie on the bed. If the spine compressed or overstated, then the mattress isn’t giving the proper shape to your spine.

To know your mattress is contented sounds like your perfect mattress, but lots of people adjusting to uneasiness. If you getting the better sleep on someone else mattress it means, your regular sleeping buddy might not be compatible for you. Sometimes the bed doesn’t feel comfortable after buying when you sleep on it.

Poor quality sleep and back pain both are interrelated just because of a bad mattress.  If you are waking up inflexible and sleepy every day when you wake up from your bed, then the problematic part is your mattress. If your pain and soreness is getting poorer day by day at the time of the morning but pays when you do your exercise or daily work, then it is clear that the cause of all the problems is your mattress.

The best the best mattress that is durable and moist comfortable

In this world there is no such person that will not love to experience the luxury experience of sleep. What is luxury sleep? The meaning for luxury sleep is that one can have all the best comfort when he or she is going to the sleep. To experience best sleep then one need to know that the mattress that you use on the best for relaxing or sleep is all that is related with the perfect and proper sleep. There are very less people that are aware of best type of mattresses that are available. Many people are using old mattresses that are creating lot of health problems. But if you will think properly then you will come to know the real value of mattress in our daily life. It is important to have the perfect match of mattress to keep health in proper form.

All people are having different shapes of their body and along with that the weight is also different. There has to be mattress that can adjust the body of any weight or size.  The fastest way of searching best type of mattress then it is the internet only. Here you have the option of saving time and money. Here online you can search for thememory foam mattress that is in great demand today. The memory foam mattress is popular all over the world for the performance that is available in these mattresses.

These memory foam mattresses are suitable for the healthy and perfect sleep. You are having great features that are very much related to the heath and your body. If you need to have the perfect match for any weight or size then you have the best solution with memory foam mattress. These are the eco friendly mattress that can help you provide relief from back pain or any neck pain. There are different types of styles, designed and under budget memory foam mattress will help you making your daily life very healthy that will be very happy as well as very fresh.

Sleeping on your sides: What kind of a mattress or bed frame is most suitable?

Many folks worldwide are confined to one sleeping position. For them, there doesn’t exist any other snug posture apart from the one which enables to get curled on one side. To bear this situation, there is a need for a perfect mattress match. In this situation, a flawless mattress is the one which comprises a divergent set of properties such as pain relief, pressure support, congenial warmth, and related things. However, certain bed frames are not meant to easily fit with such flawless pieces.

It is not possible that every mattress or bed frame gets easily fit into the requirements for a person sleeping on the sides. The adjustable beds are also prevailing in the mattress industry. It is difficult to make a choice between adjustable or traditional bed frames.

Mattress thickness: Could your bed frame adjust to it?

In the list of the best way to sleep with shoulder pain, it becomes a major question to deal with. The side sleeping folks need a thicker base to extend the comfort level for pressure points. To withstand such thickness level, a bed frame needs to be large or king-sized according to the respective needed dimension.

Understanding the right choice from a varied range

As the number of options is speedily increasing day-by-day in the mattress industry, it is becoming difficult to point one out. When classifying the wrong and the right one has become so difficult, then how come one gets to reach the most suitable option? The same is the case for finding the best bed for side sleepers. Don’t miss to reach your right choice just with the skip of any factor.

The filled materials within a mattress are also the game changer. Don’t think that the sleeping position has nothing to do with the materials comprised within a mattress. It is important to consider for enhancing sleep quality. No doubt, side sleeping style is really beneficial for people suffering from the symptoms of heartburn. Though, it is essential to understand the need for firmness and comfort level within every type of mattress.