What other criteria are important when buying a mattress topper? April 6, 2019 April 6, 2019 LukePlotkin

In order for you to find a topper that best suits your own needs, it is important that you consider various factors in your selection and purchase. Proper and high-quality processing of the materials is of course always required. Only in this way can increase the longevity of your new mattress topper be guaranteed.


The definition of the volume weight refers to the amount of raw material that has been used for the production of the mattress topper or the mattress. The higher the volume weight stated in RG, the higher the quality of the mattress. In addition, a maximized volume weight also ensures the longevity of the mattress. On the other hand, the heaviness of a mattress or a topper has nothing to do with the volumetric weight.

Compressive strength

The compressive strength gives specific information about how hard or how soft a mattress is. The material used for the core of the mattress plays just as much a role as the concrete core height. The volumetric weight, however, has nothing to do with the compression hardness and does not affect it.

Core height

The core height provides information about how high the core of a mattress or a mattress topper is. The higher the core, the firmer the mattress feels. With our Topper, you can normally decide for yourself how high the core should fail. This gives you the opportunity to get the maximum comfort.

Health features

All foams in the Topper must be 100% pollutant-free so that by your use no health impairments carry off. Therefore, our foams are of course always pollutant-free and have passed the test.

The advantages of the topper

If you decide to buy a new mattress or a new topper, it is important that you rely on a reliable and knowledgeable partner. Latest technologies and scientific findings form the basis for the development of our mattress pads. Of course, only the best materials are used. Your confidence and your sleeping comfort are the driving force behind our daily work.Find outwhat is the best bed to buy from our website.